Simba has inspired some poetic thoughts from Laura Groetzinger

simba is cute.
simba is small.
she likes to hump things like she has balls.

simba has friends.
…one is white.
if the white one tried to mount, then simba will fight.

simba throws a mean punch.
simba intimidates a bit.
but if dogs shake her and try to eat her she does tend to shit.

simba doesnt bark.
shes a quiet little dog.
and when she runs around she hops like a frog.

simba has 2 roomates.
and she doesnt pay rent.
if simba could talk shed have a British accent

simba likes to trot around.
simba poos on fake green grass.
simba would look funny if she held a wine glass

simba is a doggie joy.
she pleases one and all.
if you have an ailment shes a furry cure-all.

Did you know that Simba has been chosen to be the one and only dog-Santa for this year!!! She is quite pleased about this. 

Simba is not sure what to do from here.. 

Simba is not sure what to do from here.. 

Simba versus Charley

This is a stuffed dog I bought Simba on her first night home. It has a battery powered heart beat and chemical heaters inside in order to emulate her mother and help her sleep. Now the dog comforts Simba in a new way…  I’m horrified by it.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Peanut butter, big dogs, being long

Dislikes: Pink egg, hair dryer, Russ


New Pearl Jam Hoodie

Pink Egg.